A story of freshness

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It's in our DNA...

In a short time, BodySoul Nature has been seen as a pioneer in the Irish Market and become known for high quality products, which symbolise the dream of diversity and European Women’s Entrepreneurship. This brand has its roots in tradition, nature, entrepreneurship, and passion making it stand out from the rest. Our products are certified and meet the strict requirements of the European market regulations. At this time the company is experiencing rapid local growth and achieving top levels of customer loyalty. As we continue to grow and develop, BodySoul Nature products should be ready to export internationally in no time.

How it started...

BodySoul Nature was born in Brazil in 2016 from a hobby and passion for handmade organic cosmetics and all benefits it can bring for those who use it, in a constant search for better ingredients and learning about the subject, in 2018 our company took another challenge and came all the way to Europe, Ireland, where we were introduced to a powerful range of natural ingredients and the drive to learn
and improve our products. We might be far from our roots but as we always say our company has a Brazilian soul, our recipes are brought from Brazil with all powerful ingredients we can find around Europe.


An unique sensory experience...

We at BodySoul are committed to aligning ourselves with nature and seeking out sustainable, ethical means of production with minimal environmental impact. Tatiane Guerreiro is the hand behind every product, is the soul of BodySoul Nature, she took years to create bespoke artisan products that address skincare needs, provide aromatherapy benefits, and make each use magical. The company was conceived from the dream of entrepreneurship in the field of Olfactory Marketing to create a unique sensory experience, combined with ethical and artisanal/bespoke practices in the production of cosmetology.

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Massage Therapy

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Prescribing Anti-Ageing Assets

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Aesthetic Biomedicine