Everyday skin care

Steps to be taken everyday for a healthy skin.

For a healthy skin every single step counts, you need to think about the long term when it comes to skincare.

There is 5 types of skin, normal, oily, dry, mature and combination skin, is important to recognise your type, and use the right products for a better results.

We usually advise you to take at least four steps in your skincare routine, wash with a cleanser, apply tonic, moisturise and sunscreen for the mornings, and of course depending on your type of skin a specific extra care would be amazing!

Your skin suffer with all the pollution that we don't see, especially your face, so first step, cleanser is very important, is recommended twice a day, morning and night.

Missing this step can cause accumulation of all the dirt stuff we come across during the day and results pimples and also premature ageing.

Finalising this step with the Tonic, which helps to make sure your skin completely clean, again important to know your type of skin to get the right tonic for it's own necessities, next step will be moisturiser, it will help with the skin's strength and the beauty, also keep the protection layer of your skin in check helping it to do its job, avoiding dryness, premature aging, irritation and infections, is good to remember that this step is for oily skins as well. Last, in the mornings don't forget the sunscreen even when is not sunny, it protects our skin from what we can not see.

For a better results drink lots of water and eat your greens, the inside counts a lot for the external health of your skin!

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