How to keep your tattoo colour vibrant for longer?

4 steps to fallow for a conservation of your tattoo's colour.

Tattoo is a beautiful art that is becoming more and more common to see in people’s body, but is important have in mind that that specific area of the skin will need a special attention to keep the look of new and bright!

Few steps to fallow and keep in mind before having a tattoo done

1- A great hygiene in the area with a antiseptic soap

Is really important to keep the place away from bacterias specially after get the tattoo done, the skin will take some time to heal and use a antiseptic soap will be a must at this moment.

2- Prepare the skin before the procedure

Make sure the skin is moisturised will be key for better results when tattooing, also a pre-tattoo cream can be amazing for water retention in the area witch will lead to a better reaction of the skin and bleeding reduction.

3- After care cream/ointment cream

This step is the one that you can’t skip, is where the healing process will be done and the colours will set, for a vibrant colour and safe heal of the skin apply a natural/organic healing cream, after tattoo cream or ointment cream.

4- Last but not least Moisturiser

Apply moisturiser in your tattoo daily, it will help to keep the colours for longer.

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