How to look after your skin in the winter?

Your skin needs a special care in every season, specially during the winter and we want help you with tips on how to do so.

Winter is not just a hard season on us but as well on our skin, the humidity is low and the cold make it hard for us to sweat, this factors lead our skin to get dry, also we are more likely to take hot showers that causes the lost of the natural skin's oil decreasing the lipid barrier of the skin.When temperatures are low naturally we drink less water which is extremely important to keep eyes on it as we need to preserve the hydration of the skin and our organism.Let's remember that Internally and externally works together, make sure you eat enough greens, vegetables and fruits they are rich and vitamines and minerals that neutralize the free radical and prevent the ageing of the skin. Moisturise your skin, use cosmetics for your specific type of skin and don't take long hot showers, apply sunscreen everyday even when is not sunny is extremely important for our skin protection. In every season our skin deserve a special treatment.

Product's tips for better results on a healthy skin during the winter season:

Moisturisers: for face, hand, body and lips.

Products for exfoliation: for face, hand, body and lips, is important to make sure we are helping with the skin's renovation.

Sunscreen: even when is not sunny as it will protect your skin from what you can't see.

Natural soaps: what will help moisturising your skin and will keep it health and pretty!

Remember that natural products is the way to go if you are conscious about your health! Be kind to your skin!

Team, BodySoul Nature.

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