Men skincare tips

We all know that skincare is a habit, a very important to implement to our lives, but we all know how hard is to make time for it when we have a busy life.

Here goes fast and easy tips for a men's skincare routine.

Some people treat skincare products like luxury, or think that is for people that are not busy enough, but the reality of it is very different, we have to eat the necessary vitamins for survive, exercise regularly for our healthy, same with skin, it needs a special care and it is not luxury, more and more our skin is exposed to a lot of pollutions, strong sun light, everyday's stress, taking this time for yourself and clean your face properly, moisturising it, do a nice massage is just essential, also opt always for organic products and for your skin type.

Today we want to talk with mens and provide fast and efficient skincare tips.

Start by the cleanser (not body soap, for face)

Is really important that the products used are for face, cleanser is a important product when comes to skincare, in the mornings and before bed, is a MUST.

Mornings to start the day well and fresh and night to clean all the impurity the skin came across during the day.

Use a Moisturiser, for your type of skin.

Moisturiser is another must, depending on your type of skin it will change to meet your needs, if you have acne is important to have a moisturiser and exfoliant for oily skin, as well for other skin’s type…

When shaving…

Be kind to your skin when shaving, use shave Foam, after shave and oil…

Shave can really harm the skin if not done properly, and no after care.

Good skin, good beard.

And last but not least…

Read the labels before buying a skincare product, the more natural, the better.

Use sunscreen everyday, even when is not sunny and exercise regularly.

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